The Cooker Spare Parts website has only been live for a few weeks, but we've already received plenty of orders. You've kept us all very busy - not that we're complaining!

We've also received a fair bit of feedback, and happily enough, it's all been extremely positive. Take Clive from Yorkshire, for example; he purchased a new oven element from us, and he was exceptionally pleased with the service we provided. He emailed us to say that our customer support was “excellent”, and noted that the new part arrived the day after he placed his order.

Alan from North Wales was similarly satisifed with his Cooker Spare Parts Experience. “I would just like say thank you for such an excellent service,” he said in an email to our sales team. “Ordered on Friday morning, received Saturday, fitted in minutes.” Alan’s oven is now working perfectly once more, and he rounded off his review by adding that he “will not hesitate to recommend” us.


High praise indeed! We were thrilled to hear about how satisifed these customers were, and if you need a new cooker part, we will do everything we can to meet your own requirements. If you’d like to take full advantage of our Next Day Delivery option (like Alan and Clive did), don’t forget to place your order by 3.30pm!

Image by Vaikunda Raja (via Wikimedia Commons)

When you move into your student accommodation or ‘halls of residence’, your kitchen might look something like the above. Throughout your year of living there with your friends, we’re sure that it has probably never quite reached that level of cleanliness again. However, your year is coming to an end, your time as a fresher is almost over and suddenly you remember – you signed an inventory. It is fairly standard that at the start of every year in student accommodation you will receive and inventory detailing the facilities available to you in your student flat – what was there when you started and the condition it was in.

Naturally, at the end of your stay, they will refer to said inventory to check whether or not you’ve kept your temporary home ship shape and shiny, in good nick for the next batch of keen freshers to move in! Unfortunately, life as a student is never quite straightforward, and with all the rushing around, crazy nights out and even crazier nights in with your fellow first years – it can be quite difficult to be completely accident free all year. Stuff gets broken, and if it isn’t fixed – you have to pay for it.

One of the main recipients of damage in student halls is your cooker. It’s without a doubt the most used appliance in your home – all of your flatmates using it potentially up to three times a day, every day (apart from the glorious takeaway dinner days)…it’s going to get pretty battered around – not to mention all those feasts being cooked at 3am after a night out! It’s no secret that replacing a cooker is not cheap, but by simply replacing the part which is broken with a Cooker Spare Parts replacement, you could be saving yourself a lot of money.

The task is simple, you head over to Cooker Spare Parts and type in the make and model number of your cooker on the left hand side of the menu page. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a specific part – control knobs or hob spares perhaps, you can select those options before entering your cooker specifications. The website will then generate a list of all replacement parts which will be compatible with your cooker and voila – you’re sorted! We even do next day delivery. So what are you waiting for? Save yourself some pennies in true student fashion and get your cooker back to top form.

We’ve got a lot of spare oven shelves in stock here at Cooker Spare Parts, and the people who order them generally do so because they’ve broken or misplaced their existing shelf.  But even if your oven still has all the shelves it came with, there are several good reasons to invest in a new one anyway. Reasons like...

  • More cooking space
    Adding an extra shelf to your oven will give you more room to cook without actually making the oven any larger. When you’re catering for a large group of people, it’s nice to have the option of cooking two or three dishes at the same time.

  • Less energy use
    Most modern cookers come with two ovens – a main oven and a top oven – and when you do have a lot of food to cook, you probably use both of them to get everything done in time. But adding an extra shelf to your main oven may allow you to cook everything in the same place, which would mean that you could leave the top oven off and save a fair bit of energy in doing so.

  • Easier cleaning
    So you’ve already got all the shelves you need – why would you bother buying another one? Two words: stainless steel. Quite a few of our spare oven shelves are made from stainless steel, which is much easier to clean than wire and other metals. If cleaning your oven has always been a nightmare, you may find that stainless steel shelves make the job that much easier.

To find an appropriate oven shelf for your appliance, pop over to this page and select your manufacturer from the ‘Narrow by Manufacturers’ menu on the left-hand side. For even more accurate results, you can also specify your model number.

There are few things more infuriating than food that won’t cook evenly. Whether it’s meat that’s half rare and half well-done or pizzas that have to be rotated to ensure that every slice is right, getting an even cook can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth.

Okay, so uneven cooking can sometimes be a symptom of chronic kitchen incompetence, but if you really can’t get anything to cook evenly, you may have a problem with your oven fan. Fan-assisted appliances use fans to distribute heat evenly around the oven space; in theory, every part of your meal should be equally cooked, but it doesn’t always work out like that.

If you’ve invested in a top-of-the-line fan oven and your chicken kievs are still coming out wrong, replacing the fan motor may be enough to make the problem disappear. A full-functioning fan should cook everything, not just the stuff nearest the back of the oven, so check your motor today and get a new one if needs be.

Here at Cooker Spare Parts, we have all kinds of oven fan parts available for a vast range of appliances. Use our search filters to specify your manufacturer and model number, and we’ll only show you the fans and motors that are compatible with your cooker.

Yesterday was the 31st of October - Halloween - which means that it's only a few days until the 5th of November - Bonfire Night! Obviously, this annual event would be nothing without the fireworks, but food is also a big part of the fun.

To that end, here are a few tasty treats that you might be tempted to try this Guy Fawkes Night:

  • Sausages
    Not the skinny, rubbery hotdogs you get at big firework displays, but proper British bangers. If there’s one thing that warms the heart even more than a blazing bonfire, it’s tucking into a good pork sausage (housed in a white finger roll, naturally).

  • Soup
    If you are heading out to a public display, you’ll want to wrap up warm and bring a thermos of hot soup along to keep you toasty. We recommend carrot and coriander for maximum ‘winter warmer’ effect.

  • Jacket Potatoes
    A Bonfire Night classic, no matter what you put on top. If you’re cooking for a group of people, beware of baked potato politics: some people like them soft, some people like them crispy, and neither faction will keep quiet if you get it wrong.

  • Apple Crumble
    When the fireworks have finished and you go back indoors, a generous helping of apple crumble will warm you up instantaneously. It will also take the edge off that melancholy feeling, inevitably experienced at the end of any good fireworks display. Don’t forget the custard!

Don’t worry if your oven is broken - since Fireworks Night is still a couple of working days away, you’ve still got a chance to get your oven working in time for a Guy Fawkes feast. Check out our comprehensive range of oven parts and order ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Oh, and Happy Halloween for yesterday!