Is your gas hob cooker starting to look a little rusty? Or do you find that the gas is starting to burn your pots and pans? If so, it may be time to look into getting a cooker ring cover to prevent your cooker from that damage. 

Cooker ring covers are used to protect all the inner workings of your cooker ring burner, so it is worthwhile getting one to increase the longevity of your cooker. The cooker ring on a gas oven is also known for tarnishing easily, so a nifty new cooker ring cover will have your cooker looking new again in no time at all. 

Here at Cooker Spare Parts, we stock a variety of different Cooker Ring Cover Replacements, suitable for all types of gas ovens and cookers. Here's a look at what we have to offer. 

Cooker Ring Covers

Rangemaster Cooker Ring Cover 72mm

This cooker ring cover is ideal for Rangemaster cookers. With a diameter of 72mm, this cooker ring cover will fit onto a semi-rapid burner easily, protecting the burner body underneath. This cooker ring cover will also allow heat to collect and be distributed evenly around the cap. 

Gas Hob Cooker Ring Cover

This cooker ring cover will not only protect the inner workings of your burner, but it will also help the heat produced by the gas burner to be spread around the pan evenly. This particular cooker ring cover is an authentic Stoves spare part and is also compatible with certain Belling appliances.

We have plenty of cooker ring covers in stock which you can browse here if you find these examples are not suitable for your cooker. To check a cooker ring cover is compatible with your cooker, make sure you enter the cooker model details into our homepage to check it is suitable. If you need advice from the experts, be sure to contact us on 02920 452 510. 

Oven Temperature Setting
Have you noticed that your electric oven isn't getting as hot as you need it to be? Is your food under-cooked even after the full recommended cooking period has elapsed? Does every meal you make 'needs a few more minutes' than expected?
If so, the root of the problem may be your oven's thermostat. If your oven thermostat is not reaching the set temperature it may be time to replace it, here's some information so you can work out if that is what is wrong: 

What does an oven thermostat do?

You can think of the thermostat as the supervisor of your electric oven.
On its own, the oven element (i.e. the part of your cooker that actually heats up) doesn't know how hot to get - it just starts heating up when you turn the appliance on. The thermostat's job is to know what temperature you've asked for, measure the heat in the oven, and tell the element to switch off once the required temperature has been reached.
Of course, when the element stops heating up, the oven will gradually begin to cool, and so the thermostat is also responsible for recognising when the temperature drops - at which point it will wake up the element again.

What can go wrong with the oven thermostat?

If the thermostat stops working entirely, then in theory the element will just continue to heat up indefinitely, getting hotter and hotter until it burns itself out.
However, if you're experiencing the issues we mentioned earlier - thermostat not reaching the set temperature, food taking too long to cook - it's likely that your thermostat has a rather different problem. A thermostat that is improperly calibrated may misread the temperature in the oven, deducing that it is warmer (or cooler) than it actually is.
Here's how that plays out in practice:
  • You set the oven to 220°C.

  • The oven element starts heating up.

  • Before the temperature in the oven reaches 220°C, the faulty thermostat mistakenly gets a 220°C reading and tells the oven element to switch off.

  • Your cooker tells you that it's finished preheating, so you pop your food in...

  • ...only to find at the end of the cooking period that your meal is only half-cooked because the actual temperature in the oven was lower than the temperature you set.

Can I fix this problem?

Depending on the type of cooker you own, If your oven thermostat is not reaching the set temperature it may be possible for you to recalibrate your oven thermostat by measuring the actual temperature in your oven manually (using an oven thermometer) and adjusting the thermostat as needed.
If you need to replace your thermostat entirely, you can buy a new one using the following links:
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Flame Failure Devices for Gas Cookers

The flame failure device is a critically important part of any gas cooker. If the cooker's flame goes out, the flame failure device is responsible for ensuring that the flow of gas to the cooker is cut off - a crucial safety measure that prevents the build-up of dangerous flammable gas.

If your cooker's gas supply keeps flowing even when the flame has been extinguished, this may mean that the flame failure device (FFD) in your appliance has stopped working, or is in some way faulty. If that's the case, you should definitely look to replace the part as soon as you possibly can.

Flame Failure Devices from Cooker Spare Parts

Here at Cooker Spare Parts, we stock a huge number of flame failure devices for all sorts of different cooker makes and models. Our range includes genuine spares from such household names as:
To order your replacement flame failure device, simply follow these instructions:
  1. Go the the Cooker Spare Parts homepage (here) and enter your manufacturer and model number in the boxes provided.

  2. Click the 'Search Parts' button to see a list of parts that are suitable for your appliance.

  3. Now, see where it says 'Select Part Type'? Use that drop-down menu to choose the specific sort of part you're looking for - 'Flame Failure Devices & Thermocouples' in this case.
You should now be looking at the FFD that is compatible with your cooker. All that's left to do is add it to your basket and complete your order!

Can't find the flame failure device you need for your gas cooker? Contact us today - we're always happy to assist!

When your gas cooker is performing as it should, life is good. But, if it starts to start to become faulty, it can really begin to frustrate you, as a lot relies on your cooker - such as being able to eat a home-cooked meal. You may be put off from using your cooker if it's beginning to become faulty, and may be tempted to just replace your entire gas cooker - but that's an expensive and time-consuming solution to your problem. Gas cooker repairs can seem daunting, and you may not want to deal with the problem yourself, but it doesn't have to be difficult.

In the vast majority of cases, the reason your cooker is no longer working properly is down to one simple part that can easily be replaced. However, because your cooker has many parts, it can be hard to distinguish whatt is causing your gas cooker to stop working. 
However, luckily for you, here at Cooker Spare Parts, we have a pretty good knowledge of how your gas cooker works and all the different parts to it. So, to help you diagnose the problem with your gas cooker, we're going to go through some of the likely problems with your gas cooker, and which part you should replace to resolve it. 

Gas Cooker Repairs - Here are Some Tips to Help Resolve Your Gas Cooker Issues! 


There's No Heat Being Produced in my Oven?!

Is your oven turned on but there's little to no heat being produced at all? This is a big problem, as without heat, you can't cook your meals. The part responsible for producing the heat in the oven of your gas cooker is your Oven Burner. If your burner is faulty, it may produce very little heat - or even worse - may not ignite at all! But, help is at hand! We have an excellent selection of Replacement Oven and Grill Burners that will have your gas cooker heating up without any problems, and will have you cooking your meals. To view our range of replacement burners, please click here

My Oven Temperature is Inconsistent?!

Is the oven of your gas cooker finding it hard to regulate its cooking temperature? Is it constantly over or under-heating? If you're experiencing any of these issues, then you've got a faulty thermostat. The role of your thermostat is to monitor the temperature of your oven, and shut off the voltage to your igniter once the temperature you have set is reached. This cycle is constantly repeated throughout the time your cooker is in action, to ensure the temperature of your oven is constantly regulated. If your gas oven thermostat is faulty, there's no need to worry, we have a brilliant selection of Replacement Gas Oven Thermostats that will ensure the temperature in your oven is regulated once again. Click here to view our range of thermostats. 

May Gas Igniter Won't Spark?!

Is there no spark in your gas cooker's igniter? Without a spark you're going to struggle, to light your gas burner, which will mean your oven will be unable to cook your food, which is a horrible situation to find yourself in. Here at Cooker Spare Parts we want to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy a home cooked meal, so in order to get your gas cooker sparking again, we supply a range of Spark Generators & Cooker Ignition Switches, that'll allow you to light the gas and cook your meals once again! To view our selection of spark generators & ignition switches, please click here
If you're still unsure as to why your gas cooker is no longer working efficiently, or as to which gas cooker repairs are needed for your cooker to function properly, give our customer service team a call on 02920 452 510 - they'd be more than happy to help and diagnose the problem with your cooker, and which part you need to purchase to resolve this. 


If you have a gas cooker in your kitchen, there's an important part that you ought to know about: the thermocouple.

The thermocouple isn't directly involved in cooking your food, but it's crucial to the safe running of your gas oven. This clever little part can tell if your appliance's pilot flame goes out; if this happens, the thermocouple will automatically shut off the gas flow to prevent the build-up of dangerous gas in your kitchen.

If your oven thermocouple is broken or faulty, it's extremely important that you replace it ASAP. You can buy a new thermocouple here.

How does my oven thermocouple work?

The key part of the thermocouple is a probe that sits close to your oven's pilot flame. Another junction of the thermocouple rests in a cool part of your appliance where the temperature will remain consistently low no matter what.

When the pilot flame is burning, it heats the probe and causes a current to flow through the thermocouple's circuit. (This happens because one part of the thermocouple is hotter than the other - this is called the thermoelectric effect.) That current is used to hold a small valve open, allowing gas to flow freely into the appliance.

If the pilot flame is extinguished for any reason, the probe cools, which interrupts the electrical current that was holding the valve open. As a result, the valve closes and prevents gas from flowing into the oven.

Why is this important?

If you didn't have a working thermocouple, gas would continue to flow into your oven even if the pilot light went out. This unburned gas would build up, and you would end up with dangerous levels of flammable gas in your home, greatly increasing the risk of a fire or explosion.

Need a new oven thermocouple? Visit our Flame Failure Devices & Thermocouples department, or contact Cooker Spare Parts if you need help finding the right part for your appliance.