The kitchen appliance industry develops new technologies just as quickly as any other sector, if not more so. Oven manufacturers are constantly coming out with newer, better models, and while that's great news for our dinners, it does mean that previous models can become obsolete very quickly. Manufacturers often discontinue models that are still in common use, and that can be a problem for the people who continue to use the old cookers, particularly when parts need replacing.

Fortunately, if the cooker in your kitchen is a discontinued model, we at Cooker Spare Parts may still be able to provide you with the spares you need to keep it running. We sell a huge number of spare parts for discontinued cookers, so before you give up and buy a whole new appliance, we strongly recommend that you enter your make and model number here to see if we have what you're looking for. Just because the manufacturer has given up on your particular model doesn't mean that you should follow suit!

Can't find the parts you need? Get in touch with the Cooker Spare Parts team and we'll be happy to help.