Replace your oven element with Cooker Spare Parts
Your fan oven element is arguably the most crucial part of your cooker. It has a very important job, and that is to produce the heat that actually cooks your food. What good is an oven without heat?!
If your oven isn't heating up, the problem is usually that the element has blown or otherwise become faulty. (Seeing bright spots and/or patches on your element when it is in use is a pretty good sign that something has gone wrong.) As you can't really repair it, chances are you'll have to replace your fan oven element. If your element has stopped working, there's no need to stress - we have a HUGE array of Fan Oven Elements in stock here at Cooker Spare Parts, and we're confident that we can get your oven firing on all cylinders once again. To view our excellent selection of fan oven elements, please click here
Once you've purchased yourself a replacement fan oven element, the next thing to do is install it! Of course, not everyone is a cooker expert, and we understand that you may need a little help. That's why we have created this simple-to-follow guide that will help you to replace your fan oven element with ease.

How To Replace Your Fan Oven Element:

  1. Before you start any work, please make sure that your oven is turned off on the wall. We don't want you to electrocute yourself.

  2. Once your oven is safe to work on, you can remove your oven door and shelves - this will make it easier for you to access the fan oven element itself. To remove your oven door, simply move the latch to the open position on your hinge. Next, close your door and lift it out - but please be careful when lifting out your oven door, as the last thing you want to do is drop it and shatter the glass.

  3. Now that there's nothing getting in your way, you can remove the front panel that is protecting the oven fan and element. This is usually held in place by four screws. Remove the screws and panel - but be careful not to lose any of the screws!

  4. Right, now that the front panel has been removed, you can remove your faulty fan oven element. This will be held together by three screws; remove these screws and take the element out. You'll notice that there are some wires attached to your element - we'll tell you what you have to do with them next.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before following the next step, please take note of the order these wires. We recommend taking photos of them before you pull them out.

  5. The wires will be attached to your element via spade connectors. All you need to do is pull them out, but be careful - you don't want to damage the wires.

  6. Now that you've disconnected your element, it's time to connect up your new one! Using the photo you took on your phone as a reference, re-attach the wires; then screw the element and front panel back in place; finally, place the shelves back inside your oven and re-attach the door. 
Congratulations, you've just replaced your oven element! Make sure to brag to all your friends about how handy you are.
If you're having trouble with any of the steps to replace your fan oven element, please do not hesitate to contact us - a member of our customer service team will be happy to go through the process to ensure your element is installed without any problems.