For some, cooking is the ultimate way to relax, combining creativity and productivity for a mutually beneficial outcome of exquisite eating.

That being said, that’s not always the case. Not everyone likes to cook and the thought of prepping another meal at the end of long day can be like being sentenced to 100 lines at the end of school.

Worse still, this aversion to cooking can lead to an over-reliance on fast food and takeaways – a hobby that not only hits you in the pocket but also hits you in the waistband too.

If cooking isn’t your forte, fear not because help is at hand. Join us as we explore how to make cooking easier in your home.


how to make cooking easier


Making Cooking Easier

Sadly, outside of ordering in food from elsewhere, there aren’t many ways around cooking in the home if you want to eat a decent meal. However, there are a few easy methods to help soften the blow. Here are a few of the best ways to make cooking easier in your home.


Oven Cooking

While baking and grilling can require a little closer attention, as a rule, there aren’t many cooking methods easier than oven cooking.

Even the notoriously simple stir-fry is trumped by oven cooking in terms of ease. Unlike stir-frying, you don’t even need to be involved or even present while the cooking takes place.

The “set and forget” model of cooking without looking allows you to simply prep your dish and leave it to heat while you get on with other things.

…just don’t forget to return once the time expires!


Think Edible Bulk

Cooking your meals in bulk is perhaps the easiest way to eat for the week (or at least for a few days) without having to once again go through the daily rigmarole of meal prep.

Batch cooking is the ultimate kitchen hack for avoiding cooking throughout the week. Simply make enough to cover a number of meals and separate the results into portioned containers.

Tupperware and old takeaway boxes are perfect for portion provision and can even be labelled if you really want to organise yourself. Simply place these in the fridge to be eaten in the next couple of days or, alternatively, place in the freezer to be eaten at a later date.


Tools of the Trade

Ever tried juicing an orange with your bare hands? Or peeling a potato with a blunt knife? The results can be frustrating at best and fall short worse than Evel Knievel on an off-day.

As such, having your kitchen pre-stocked with the correct tools for the task at hand is a wise move. Items such as pots and pans are an absolute must, while sharp knives and a chopping board can be just as vital.

From there additional items, like wooden spoons, vegetable peelers and even a good blender can be inherently useful to have around too (a fact you’ll soon realise when you need them and their absent).

For more instrument inspiration, check out our blog on must-have oven accessories for an idea of culinary essentials that may be missing from your kitchen.


Wash & Go

One of the very worst parts of cooking is undoubtedly the veritable conveyor belt of washing up that it creates as a result.

A great way to avoid the cataclysmic post-meal shock of the almighty tower of dishes you’ve just made is to get a head-start on the growing stockpile.

For those with a dishwasher, make sure your dishwasher is empty before you start cooking and simply add to the load as you go.

For those without, variably dipping into a sink full of soapy water can help you wash as you go. Items like dishes, chopping boards and cutlery are easy to get on with while the oven is heating up or you’re waiting for water to boil.

Think of it as damage limitation, softening the blow by reducing the number of dishes that remain when you're finally finished cooking.


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