Fan assisted ovens have grown in popularity, and they've now become the first choice when selecting a new oven. The increase in popularity is mostly down to the speed and performance of fan ovens. Fan assisted ovens cost a little more in comparison to conventional cookers, however people are more persuaded to pay that little extra cash for a more efficient and even cooking process.

Even though fan ovens are efficient, they aren't prone to faults. If you've had your fan oven for a number of years, it's possible that it may become faulty. Now this isn't a general rule, and your fan oven may be performing faultlessly; however, if your cooker is starting to become faulty, we can help!

Fan Assisted Oven Not Heating Up?

If your Fan assisted oven is not heating up, the likelihood is that your oven's element and/or thermostat could be faulty. However, there's no need need to stress, you don't need to get a new oven! We have an excellent selection of replacement parts for you to replace your broken part. To find out more about which parts could be stopping your assisted oven from heating up, keep reading. 
  1. Fan Oven Elements

Your fan oven element is the cooker part that is responsible for producing the heat inside your oven that will enable you to cook your food. If your fan oven element has become faulty, you may notice that your oven is taking a while to heat up, or in extreme cases, will not produce any heat at all! If your fan oven element has become faulty, there's no need to stress and panic - we have a wide range of fan oven elements that we're certain will have your cooker performing as well as it did when you first purchased it. And because we supply such a large selection of fan oven elements, we can guarantee you, you'll find an element that is compatible with your cooker. To view our range of Fan Oven Elements, please click here.

2. Electric Thermostats

Another part that could be linked to your oven's heating issues is its thermostat. An oven thermostat is the part that measures the temperature of your oven, and will inform your oven to stop heating up once it has reached the temperature you set it to, and will inform it to heat back up if it drops from that temperature. If your oven's thermostat stops working efficiently, and becomes faulty, your oven's temperature will no longer be regulated, and you may find that it will begin to over or underheat. Thankfully, if your oven thermostat has stopped working, we have a large selection of thermostats that will ensure the temperature in your oven is regulated once again! To view our range of Electric Thermostats, please click here.
Before purchasing any parts, we strongly recommend that you check that it is compatible with your appliance. To do this, simply enter the model details of your cooker in to our search filters. If you have any questions, and you wish to speak to our customer service team, please do not hesitate to contact us!