Your Flame Failure Device is a key safety feature for your cooker. It is responsible for stopping the flow of gas to the burner of your gas cooker if the flame has been extinguished for any reason. This will prevent the build-up of harmful gas inside your cooker and kitchen. If gas is allowed to build up, there could be lethal consequences. Every modern gas appliance is fitted with a flame failure device, and if the failure device in your cooker has become faulty, it's crucial that you replace it as soon as possible, because if it isn't working efficiently, your cooker will be unsafe to use.

Thankfully, we have a brilliant range of Flame Failure Devices for you to choose from that will ensure your cooker is safe to you once again. No matter which cooker model you own, we're confident you'll be able to find a replacement flame failure device that is compatible with your cooker, and will allow you to use your cooker safely once again! To view our range of Flame Failure Devices, please click here
Here is a selection of some of the Flame Failure Devices we have to offer: 
This Flame Failure Device is a genuine replacement part for a range of Cannon, Hotpoint and Creda cooker models but please check that it is compatible with your particular appliance before purchasing. To do this, head to our homepage, and enter your cooker's model details in to the search filters near the top of the page.
This failure device is fitted with a solenoid bypass, and is a versatile part, fitting a range of cooker models from Cannon, Hotpoint, Jackson and Creda. But, even though this part is versatile, we still strongly recommend you check that this part is compatible with your cooker before purchasing. You can do this by entering the manufacturer and model number in to the search filters on our homepage.
This FFD is a genuine Cannon part, so you can rest easy knowing you'll be receiving a high-quality spare part, and because you're purchasing it from Cooker Spare Parts it'll also be great value for money! This part fits a selection of Cannon cooker models - but please check the compatibility of your cooker with this part before purchasing. To do this, go to our homepage, and enter the model details of your cooker in to the search filters at the top of the page. 
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