If we’ve learnt anything from re-runs of Jerry Springer and his “Final Thought” musings, it’s that a solid foundation is the basis of any long-term relationship (thanks, Jerry).

Coincidentally, the same thing applies to a free-standing oven!

Bring some stability back to your life and resume your balanced diet with these tips for fixing a wobbly cooker.


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Shaken Not Stirred

A wobbly cooker can be more than just an annoying inconvenience; if you have hot liquids on the boil, it can quickly become a major hazard.

A simple task like boiling spaghetti shouldn’t leave you with a soaking floor and third-degree burns. Luckily, there are a few ways to avoid such a pasta disaster and keep your mealtimes safe and scold-free.



If you discover your cooker wobbling, the very first thing to check is the feet of the cooker. If just one of the cooker feet is out by even the slightest amount, it can throw the whole levelling out of whack and leave your cooker swaying like a drunk at closing time.

When the oven is not in use, get up close and personal with the problem leg and inspect the issue, adjusting the height to ensure it is level with the other legs.

You may want to use a spirit level to ensure it’s just right. If necessary, adjust each leg accordingly so that all are aligned correctly to the same level.

If all goes to plan, your appliance should be back on its feet and good to go, leaving you with one ready steady cooker!


Finding Your Feet

If, on closer inspection, you find one or more of your cooker feet is on its last legs, it may be time to replace them. Simply swapping them with new ones could be all you need to get your cooker back on its feet and standing firm.

As luck would have it, here at Cooker Spare Parts, we have a variety of replacement cooker feet at our disposal, covering the most popular cooker brands on the market: from Hotpoint and Cannon to Indesit and Creda.

Find your feet with CSP today and browse our replacement cooker feet section for your make and model.


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