How to Replace Your Oven Door Handle
You don't know how important your Oven Door Handle is until it's gone. Without your door handle, you're going to struggle to open your oven door to get into your oven cavity. With age, your oven door handle can become loose and if it is pulled or hit with a large force, it may come off or even break. When this happens, you should look into replacing your oven door handle.

If your oven door handle has fallen off or has broken, there's no need to panic, we have got you covered! Here at Cooker Spare Parts, we have a terrific range of Oven Door Handles to replace your faulty oven door handle. Here's a guide on how to replace your oven door handle with ease. 

How to Replace Your Oven Door Handle

  1. Disconnect your appliance before starting to replace your oven door handle.

  2. Remove the oven door from the cooker. Once your cooker is safe to use, you can begin work on replacing your oven door handle by removing the faulty one. To do this, lift up the hinge catches; lift the door up and away from your oven.

  3. Remove the inner door and hinges from your oven door. To do this, undo the 4 screws at the bottom and the 2 screw at the top of your inner door. Once, the screws are removed carefully remove your inner door and hinges.

  4. Unscrew the oven door handle from the bracket. The bracket may not be fully connected so please be careful. 

  5. Screw your new oven door handle into place. Ensure that all washers are on the screw and the plastic washer goes on the outside of the door. It's important that you don't screw the first side of your door handle too tightly, as you'll struggle bringing it up the other side of the door handle. Also, when fitting the other side of the door handle, place the plastic washer in first, lay the door flat, and put the screw and other washers in place.

  6. Refit the inner part of your door, and screw in place

  7. Now, refit the oven door. Make sure you hook the hinge up into the oven, and drop it down, ensuring it's secure by putting the locks in place.

  8. And there you have it; you've just replaced your oven door handle, congrats! 

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