How to replace your oven fan

Your oven won't be much use without a working oven fan, and unfortunately one of the most common problems in cooker repair is when the fan no longer works. It can be extremely expensive to hire a cooker repair engineer - not to mention extremely costly! 

We are here to help you to show you how to replace your cooker fan because the task is quite simple once you know how. Our step by step guide will ensure that you can quickly and simply replace your cooker fan with one of our replacement motors or fans and get your oven back in working condition in no time! 

Step-by-Step How to Replace Your Oven Fan 

1. Unplug your cooker. First things first - ensure that your cooker is not plugged in before you attempt to replace your oven fan. 

2. Remove oven door. We would recommend that you remove your oven door for ease of access. Otherwise, it might be a little tricky to reach! Your oven door should be attached with hinges.

3. Remove back-plate inside oven. Whether your oven is free-standing or built-in, the likelihood is that you will need to remove the 'back-plate' from inside your fan oven to reach the fan. Occasionally the fan will be located visibly inside the oven which is significantly easier, though once the back plate has been removed, the process is fundamentally the same. Fan elements used to heat your oven will most likely be located at the rear of the oven, behind the backplate. The backplate will normally be held in place with anywhere between 2 and 6 screws, simply unscrew the back plate

4. Check for visual signs of oven fan failure.In some cases, your fan oven element will show visual signs of failure and can be burnt, broken or split. On many occasions, however, there will be no visual signs of failure, so remember a broken fan is not always obvious. 

5. Unscrew old element and replace your oven fan. In most cases, there will be no need to remove the oven element in order to complete the repair. If the fan is simply screwed in place then you have a very easy task at hand - simply unscrew the old element, disconnect the wires and then screw in a new fan. Make sure to take note or to take a picture to make sure you remember which way round the wires fit in order to reattach the wires to your new oven fan.

If the fan has been screwed into the rear of the oven then the oven will need to be removed from the housing in order to remove the back cover and unscrew the fan.

Many would recommend a genuine replacement fan from the brand of your cooker, though we have found that high-quality alternative spare parts do the trick perfectly well if your budget is a little tighter! Whichever you choose, you're guaranteed to find it in our motors and fans section. 

If you need any help please don't hesitate to get in touch - we'll offer you assistance wherever we can!