This Italian cooker and oven manufacturer has been around for a little over a century now, and although they only began to manufacture gas and electric ovens in 1951, they have been a household name worldwide for decades. They've received many awards for the design of their appliances, and their aim has always been to make their customers lives easier - but that doesn't mean their appliances are not impervious to faults. 

Sadly, cookers won't work forever, and towards the end of their lifespan, they can start to become faulty. But thankfully, here at Cooker Spare Parts, we provide a range of cooker parts to help prolong this, and we're determined to keep your cooker running as long as possible!

We have a comprehensive range of Zanussi Oven Spares that we're confident will have your cooker performing as good as new, so there's no need to part ways with your beloved Zanussi cooker.

Here is just a small selection of the Zanussi Oven spares below:

Heating Elements

Heating elements are the parts responsible for providing the heat inside your oven and grill that will enable you to cook your meals. If these parts start to become faulty, you'll certainly notice a difference in the time it takes for your meals to cook. If you've noticed the heating element in your Zanussi cooker has become faulty, you're in luck - as we have a terrific selection of replacement oven and grill elements, that will give you the boost your cooker needs to cook your meals efficiently and quickly once again! 

 Oven Door Handle

Due to wear and tear, your door handle of your oven or grill can become loose, and can even fall off, making it very difficult to access the inside of your cooker. If your Zanussi cooker is old, there's a possibility you could be in the need of a new oven door handle. We offer a wide range of cooker door handles that will allow you to use your cooker without the fear of your handle coming off. 

Electric Cooker Thermostats & Regulators

Every electric cooker needs a thermostat to ensure that its oven temperature is regulated at all times. If your oven thermostat in your Zanussi cooker is to become faulty, the cooking temperature can be inaccurate, and you may notice that your oven will begin to under or overheat. To ensure that your meals are cooked efficiently and accurately, purchase an oven thermostat today! 

To view our entire range of Zanussi oven spares, please click here. If you're unsure as to which replacement part you need to resolve your issue, please do not be afraid to contact our customer service team, they'll be more than happy to help you, and will ensure you're purchasing the correct part.

Is your oven taking longer than it should to cook your meals? Have you been following all cooking instructions to the letter - selecting the right temperature and leaving your food in for exactly as long as you're told - only to find that, when you open the door, everything is still lukewarm and half-raw?

If so, the problem may be that your oven isn't getting hot enough. Just because you're turning the knob to 200° doesn't mean that the oven is actually reaching that temperature, and if you're constantly having to pop your dinner back in for another few minutes just to get it cooked properly, there's probably a problem with your appliance that needs to be addressed.

What's wrong with my oven?

When an oven is getting warm but not warm enough, the most likely culprit is the oven thermostat. This is the part of the cooker that measures the temperature inside your oven and switches the heating element/burner on or off accordingly. If the temperature is lower than the setting you've chosen, the thermostat will switch on the element/burner to heat things up; if the temperature starts to exceed your setting, it will turn the heat off until things cool down and the cycle begins again.

However, this process goes wrong when your thermostat is broken or improperly calibrated. If your oven's not getting hot enough, this suggests that your thermostat is misreading the temperature in there, thinking that it's hotter than it actually is and turning off the heat too soon as a result.

Of course, if your oven isn't heating up at all, the more likely explanation is that the heat source itself is faulty. Electric ovens rely on elements, while gas ovens use burners; either way, if that critical part is broken, your food won't even get lukewarm until you replace it.

If you have any other questions about your cooker and which parts you might need to get it working again, feel free to get in touch with the Cooker Spare Parts customer service team. We'll do our very best to assist you!

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Indesit oven door glass shattered

Indesit ovens are a fantastic appliance for any kitchen, founded it 1975 it's clear to see why Indesit are one of the nation's favourite kitchen brands. However, even the highest-quality cookers can fall victim to damage. If your Indesit oven door glass is shattered it's important that you find a replacement as soon as possible.

Shattered oven door glass not only allows valuable heat to escape from your oven, it also can be dangerous! Like any broken glass, if this shattered pane falls out of the oven door frame anyone in the kitchen can be injured by it. Luckily, we have a whole range of Indesit oven door glass replacements that will fix your problem in no time.

To see our full range of Indesit oven door glass replacements click here. Ensure the glass you select is compatible with your model before ordering. Read the product description carefully to avoid disappointment. Once you have received the Indesit oven glass to replace your shattered oven door, follow the instructions below to replace it yourself!

indesit oven glass

How to replace your shattered Indesit oven door glass: 


1. To be able to replace the shattered glass, you'll need to begin by removing the door to be able to work on it. Most oven doors can be simply unlatched, and lifted off the hinges. Do this very carefully as to not disturb the shattered glass - you don't want it going all over the floor!

2. Next, you will notice that the oven glass is held in place by the door's inner shell. In order to remove it, you will need to unscrew it from the main door frame. Make sure that you have laid the door on a suitable surface before you begin to loosen the screws that hold the panel in place. Using a screwdriver, you should remove all the screws and set them aside, making note of which goes where.

3. You should now be able to access the broken glass. Remove it carefully (using protective gloves if it can not be removed in one piece). Take care to remove any stray bits of glass that may still be attached the door. 

4. Make sure your replacement glass pane is clean, then carefully set it in place of the one you have just removed. Be careful, as this whole process has taught us, glass can be fragile!

5. Finally screw the inner panel back together and reattach the door to the main oven. There you have it, you have successfully replaced you shattered Indesit oven door!


If you have any further questions about your Indesit oven or any other query you think we may be able to help with, feel free to get in touch. Our friendly team of experts are always here to help so give us a call on, 02920 452 510.

Oven Element Faulty

If your oven element is faulty, you will find that your oven is no longer able to produce heat. This is not the type of fault that can be ignored - so here's what you can do if your oven element is faulty! 

1. Check Your Oven Element is Definitely Faulty 

First things first, ensure it is actually the oven element that needs repairing. If your oven is not heating up, it could even be due to the oven losing heat through a faulty door seal. 

To check if your oven element is faulty, take a look at it when you switch the oven on. You can spot your oven element at the top of the oven cavity and it usually lights up red when on. If it does not light up or has bright spots and/or patches - this is a clear indicator that something has gone wrong. 

If the oven element is lighting up and seems like it is producing heat, the element is not the source of your problems. 

2. Find an Oven Element Replacement

The next step in your oven element repair journey is to find the right oven element replacement. Luckily for you, here on the CookerSpareParts website, we have a system which can find the exact spare part you're looking for. Just head to our homepage or any category page to use it!

CSP System

Once you're there, simply enter your ovens manufacturer and model number. Our system will then pull up a list of all the spare parts that are suitable for your cooker. 

We have a wide range of oven element replacement parts in stock and you can find the right one for you here! Browse Oven Element Replacements > 

3. Repair Your Oven Element

Repairing your oven element can be quick and easy if you follow the steps thoroughly. To repair your faulty oven element you will need to replace it with a newer model. There's no going back once the element is frazzled! 

To help you fix your faulty oven element, we've put together a step-by-step guide on how you can repair your oven element. Just click here to take a look and be on your way to a fully functioning oven again!

We hope this blog post helped if you're currently struggling with a faulty oven element! If you think it may be something else that's broken within your oven, you can browse our full website here or get in touch on 02920 452 510.


A Zanussi oven is a fantastic machine, but if the oven fan becomes faulty it can compromise the performance of the whole appliance. The fan in your Zanussi oven ensures that your cooker is properly ventilated so it doesn’t overheat and burn your food. Once an oven fan is broken, your oven will no longer function properly so you should replace it as soon as possible. That’s why you'll need a Zanussi oven fan replacement, and luckily, we can help you with that!

The Zanussi ZKC5030W1 Fan Motor is a genuine replacement fan motor part that will have your oven back up and running in no time. The fan blade is an excellent quality so you shouldn’t have to worry about it breaking again. 

zanussi oven fan replacement

This part will fit other ovens too, to check it is compatible with your cooker search for your manufacturer and model number in our search filters. Be sure that the part you order will work with your oven before making an order, to avoid disappointment and an even longer wait for your delicious oven cooked food! For advice on how to install your replacement Zanussi oven fan, you can read how to do it in detail by clicking here.

If you have any further questions about your Zanussi oven fan replacement, or for any other parts we supply feel free to get in touch. Our friendly team is always happy to help with your cooker related needs, so contact us today.