It can be rather frustrating if one of the oven knobs on your cooker falls off. Trying to control your cooker's settings when one of your knobs has become faulty or is no longer attached to your appliance is exceptionally difficult, and it may resort to you abandoning it and choosing another way to cook your meal.

If this is a problem that is affecting you and your cooker, you'll be glad to know that we can help! We have a brilliant selection of oven knobs that will put you back in control of your appliance once again! One of the standout oven knobs in this range is this Universal Oven Knob.

This Universal Oven Knob is excellent value for money, costing less than £5; you'd be silly not to purchase this control knob! The chrome finish will allow the oven knob to blend in with the rest of your cooker's components, giving the impression that it is an original part. The oven knob gives you the option of 5 spindle inserts, allowing you to choose the perfect one for your appliance.

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Even though this oven knob is incredibly versatile we still strongly recommend that you check that this oven knob is compatible with your particular cooker. You can do this by heading to our homepage, and entering the model details of your cooker in to the search filters.

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The heating element of your oven is a crucial part - and some may even argue that it's the most important part of your cooker. But what makes the heating element so great? Well, the clue is in its name - it's the part that is responsible for heating up and providing the heat inside your oven cavity.

your heating element heats up when there is an electrical charge sent through it. However, your heating element isn't indestructible and because it's always heating up to high temperatures, it could be prone to faults. You'll be able to tell if your oven element has become faulty of there is any noticeable burns or bulges on the element.

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If your heating element becomes faulty, your oven will be without heat, making your oven is pretty much useless, and there for it's paramount that you replace it as soon as possible. If you're in need of a new heating element for your oven, you've come to the right place, we have a terrific selection of heating elements for you to choose from and will have your cooker performing better than ever! 

To view our range of heating elements please click here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us - we'd be more than happy to assist you, and to help you purchase the part you need to get your cooker performing properly again.

Beko has long been a manufacturer of household appliances, and is one of the largest producers of appliances in Europe. But, even with the reputation they hold, their appliances can be prone to faults.

If you're experiencing any problems related to your Beko oven, you've come to the right page. We're going to run down some of the most common problems you might be experiencing with your Beko oven, and what you can do to resolve them. 

Overheating Issues

If your Beko oven is always overheating, we can help! There could be a number of parts that could be causing this issue, but don't worry as we offer a range of replacements.

  • A faulty Thermostat

Your thermostat is responsible for regulating the heat inside your oven; but obviously, if this part is not functioning properly, then the heat inside your oven will not be regulated properly, causing it to over or under cook your meals. This can be a major issue, as you'll have to constantly check your meals whilst it's cooking to see when it is accurately cooked. Thankfully, we sell a selection of affordable oven thermostats that will rectify this issue, and will ensure your appliance is cooking your meals accurately once again.

  • A faulty cooling fan

Another part that could be related to your overheating issue, is your cooling fan. The role of this part is pretty self explanatory - it cools your oven cavity to prevent it from over heating. If this part stops working, then trying to keep your oven cavity cool will be a major issue! If your cooling fan has become faulty, you can purchase a replacement from here.

Prolonged Cooking Times

Everyone wants their meals cooked instantly, so when your cooker is taking longer than usual to cook your meals, it can become really frustrating. Again, there could are a few parts related to this issue, but thankfully we have the replacements to resolve this issue.

  • Underperforming oven element 

Your oven element is the cooker part that heats up and distributes the heat that allows you to cook your meals. And therefore, if it begins to start to become faulty and work insufficiently, you will notice that your cooker performance will deminish, and that cooking times would have increased. If your oven element is no longer performing as good as it used to, purchase a replacement today!

  • Oven seal deattaching 

Your oven seal is a strip of rubber that is attached to the trim of your oven door which protects the edge of your oven door as well helping your oven to retain the heat inside the cavity. If the seal begins to come away from your oven door, heat will be allowed to escape, resulting in your oven taking longer to heat up and cook your meals. To ensure your oven is retaining heat again, purchase a replacement from our range of oven door seals.

Oven no longer igniting

If your oven burner is having trouble igniting or the electrode is no longer sparking, your oven won't produce any heat which will result in your oven being unable to cook your meals. However, this problem can easily be resolved by purchasing one of our replacements.

To view our entire range of Beko oven parts, please click here. If you are having any further problems with your Beko oven please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team - they'be more than happy to assist you to ensure your oven is fully functioning again.

If you own a gas cooker, then you're probably aware of how important your oven burner is. It is the part that is responsible for generating the heat inside your oven that will enable you to cook your meals and if it isn't working properly, you could be in serious trouble. 

You may need to replace your oven burner if: it begins to rust; the holes have enlarged; or it is no longer producing any flames or heat. If it becomes faulty, your oven will be without heat, rendering your oven pretty much useless - but there's no need to despair, this issue can easily be resolve by purchasing a replacement!

 Here at Cooker Spare Parts we have a terrific selection of replacement oven burners that we guarantee will have your cooker performing as good as new, and will have you cooking your meals again without any issues! No matter what the manufacturer or model your cooker is, we're confident you'll be able to find a replacement for your oven burner amongst our range.

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If the thought of having to fit the oven burner yourself is putting you off purchasing a replacement from us, then you may want to check out this easy to follow guide that will instruct you throughout the process and by then end, you would of replaced your oven burner without any physical assistance. 

If you're unsure of anything, please do not be afraid to contact us - we'd be more than happy to help with any problems you may be experiencing, or answer any of your questions!


Have you noticed that your food is not cooked evenly or perhaps even burnt lately? This could be due to your oven thermostat no longer working efficiently. If this is the case, you may need to purchase a replacement element today! Oven thermostats regulate the temperature within the cavity, so it is important that yours is working while you cook. 

A faulty thermostat is one of the most common oven problems we come across. You can check if your thermostat is definitely broken by testing the little 'pilot' like that turns off once the oven has reached the desired temperature. If this is working fine and turns off while you are heating up the oven, it could be your oven element that is broken instead. However, if it stays on or does not turn on at all, it is most likely your oven thermostat that is not working. Today we will be looking at how you replace your oven thermostat if you find it has stopped your oven reaching the right temperature. 

We have a wide range of replacement thermostats here at CookerSpareParts that will get your oven up-and-running again in no time. You can browse the full range of oven thermostats here. 

Now you have your oven fan replacement sorted, let's dive into how you can replace it yourself.

How to Replace Your Oven Thermostat

  • Step One. Ensure you have a replacement oven thermostat and a screwdriver.
  • Step Two. Ensure cooker is switched off. If your oven is built in, you will also need to remove it from its cavity in order to access the areas you need to reach. 
  • Step Three. Remove the oven door. Usually, there's a latch on the hinges of oven doors that allow you to lift the door off. 
  • Step Four. You should now be able to see the faulty thermostat's capillary tube. You can find it towards the top and back of the oven cavity.
  • Step Five. Unclip the thermostat and remove the back panel of the oven. If this is held in place with screws, you can use the screwdriver to remove them and then the back panel.
  • Step Six. Remove the top two panels of the oven too. You should now be able to see the capillary wire of the thermostat coming from the top of the cooker and into the main cavity of the oven. Pull the capillary tube out carefully.
  • Step Seven. Remove the fixing bracket that is held by screws. You should now be able to access the thermostat fully.
  • Step Eight. Take a photo of how the wires are coupled before disconnecting them. This will help you correctly reconnect the new thermostat once the old one is removed. You 
  • Step Nine. Remove the clips and control knob. After this, remove the two screws and you can then remove the old thermostat control. 
  • Step Seven. You can then replace your oven thermostat! Start with rewiring the front control panel (using the photograph you took) and then feed the capillary wire through. You can then replace the capillary tube and fix the bracket back into place. Finally, replace the panels and that's it!

Ta-da! You now have a working and fully-functional oven again. 

If you need to find the right oven fan motor for your oven, you can simply use our system today to see which oven thermostat replacements are compatible with your cooker. If you need help choosing an oven thermostat, feel free to get in touch with us today.