Oven Not Cooking Evenly

If your oven is not cooking evenly we suspect you're ending up with some very questionable meal times. Whether half your pizza is burnt to a crisp while the other is unbaked, or a roast that is still half raw - an oven that isn't cooking evenly can be a real pain.

If you're having this issue we can help you figure out what is wrong with your oven and what you need to do to fix it, so for some oven advice, keep reading:

My oven is not cooking evenly

If your oven is heating up fine and all the other components are working and you're following the cooking instructions correctly (we have to ask...) then the problem is probably with your fan. A fan assisted oven is designed to better push the heat around your oven cavity, to fix the problem that traditional ovens had. This is to prevent your oven from unevenly cooking your food. 

If you need to replace your oven fan you can find plenty of high-quality oven fan motors by clicking here.  For a full guide on how to replace your oven fan yourself, you can read our full guide here

My oven isn't staying at the right temperature

Another reason your oven is not cooking your food evenly is that your cooker may be having trouble maintaining the temperature you set it to. This can happen when you have a faulty thermostat as the over can no longer tell how hot it is getting. The thermostat alerts your oven when it has reached to level you set it to, so if it is broken you may find your oven is changing temperature, either under or overheating your meals. To see our replacement oven parts you can click here. To see how to replace it yourself, view our helpful guide

My oven isn't getting hot at all

If you food actually doesn't seem to be getting hot at all it may be something wrong with your oven element. Your oven element is the part of your oven that is responsible for getting your oven hot, without it the oven is of very little use! To find our genuine and alternative replacement oven elements, click here. For a full guide on how to change your oven element, view our guide.

To see our full collection of oven replacement parts you can click here. We have thousands of parts for every make and model of over. Make sure to use the search filters and read the product descriptions to make sure you are ordering a part that is compatible with your appliance. 

If you're still unsure about why your oven is not cooking evenly or about any of our replacement products, we are more than happy to help. Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team so that we can help you today, contact us now


Oven Knob Snapped Off

Oven knobs aren't something we spend much time thinking about, so you may be surprised how frustrating it can be when yours is damaged. If your oven knob snapped off you'll know exactly how hard it is to control your oven without one, sometimes impossible. While you may come up with some, uh, creative alternatives, it's actually much easier to just purchase a replacement! 

Here at Cooker Spare Parts, we have a huge range of affordable high-quality replacements. So if your oven knob has snapped off, you can always come to us. To see our full range of replacement knobs, click here

Replacement oven knobs are some of our most popular cooker spares, which is no surprise really when you consider how fragile they can be. Your oven knobs allow you to control the settings of your oven, grill and hobs so they really are an integral part of your cooker! To gain back control back over your cooker you can find a genuine or alternative replacement from us.

We have a fantastic range of cooker parts that suit a huge selection of brands.  To find one that will fit your cooker, we recommend you follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit our homepage: https://www.cookerspareparts.com/
  2. Select your cooker's manufacturer and model number into our search filters.
  3. You will then be provided with a list of compatible parts. Use the "Narrow by part type" tool to specify you're looking for control knobs, and filter the list to only include these parts.

 oven knobs

(Replacement Oven Knobs)

We also have a great range of universal oven knobs that fit plenty of cookers, so to learn more about them and how to actually replace your snapped oven knob you can read all about it here.

If you're still having trouble finding a control knob that is compatible with your cooker, feel free to contact us today - our friendly customer service team will be happy to help you find the part you're looking for.


Hotpoint Oven Troubleshooting 

Do you have a Hotpoint oven? If so, you're not alone! According to Hotpoint's own statistics, every 2 out of 3 homes in the UK have a Hotpoint appliance and one is sold every 19 seconds. 

However, even though these stats are impressive, this doesn't mean you won't come across some oven troubles in the future. We've put together some Hotpoint oven troubleshooting tips to help you with this issue. 

  • The Hotpoint oven fan runs for a long time after cooking

Hotpoint appliances are typically fitted with a cooling fan to stop the oven getting too hot. When the oven is switched off, the fan continues to spin because it is still cooling down the oven. This is nothing to worry about and does not require you to take any action.

However, if your Hotpoint oven fan does not turn off or on, this is cause for concern. A working oven needs fan to cool down after cooking, so it is necessary to get your oven fan replaced if you think it may be broken. 

If you would like to replace your oven fan, you can browse our wide range of fans suitable for a Hotpoint cooker.

  • I am having trouble lighting the gas rings on my Hotpoint cooker

There's nothing more frustrating than a gas oven hob which will not light. If you're having this issue, the first troubleshooting step is to ensure there's nothing blocking the burner or burner caps. 

If you've found they're clean as a whistle, the next step is to check your glass lid (if you have one). If you find this is not in the correct upright position, it could be causing your gas supply to shut off. 

Finally, if neither of these checks seems to solve the problem, you can find a replacement part for your Hotpoint gas rings here. 

  • The clock on my Hotpoint oven isn't turning on

A common problem with Hotpoint cookers is the oven clock wears out and no longer tells the time. While this may seem like a minor problem, if you like to time cooking your food using the oven clock, it can be very frustrating. 

If you find your Hotpoint oven clock is no longer switching on when you turn your oven on, the best solution is to find a replacement. This is not costly and can save you plenty of time. Browse the oven clocks suitable for Hotpoint cookers

We hope this has helped with your Hotpoint oven troubleshooting! If you require any further assistance with your cooker, you can browse our range of Hotpoint oven replacements or give us a call on 02920 453 510. 



Zanussi produces a fantastic range of top-of-the-line cookers, but accidents can happen with even the best ovens. If your Zannusi oven glass door has shattered it can be a real pain, perhaps you shut the door too forcefully, an object hit it, or you aren't too sure - either way, it's time to find a suitable replacement. 

If an oven glass door has shattered it will not only let heat escape when trying to cook but it is also at risk of smashing completely. This is why you should never use your oven once the glass has shattered, you're better off ordering a replacement part, and luckily we have lots on offer. To see our full range of Zanussi oven glass replacements, click here

Ensure the glass you select is compatible with your model before ordering. Read the product description carefully to avoid ordering a part that will not fit. Once you have received the Zanussi oven glass to replace your shattered oven door, follow the instructions below to replace it yourself!

Shattered glass

How to replace your shattered Zanussi oven door: 


  • The first thing you will need to do is clean up any broken glass from your kitchen, it can be a real safety hazard and we don't want any more accidents regarding this shattered glass door!
  • Next, you'll have to remove the oven door, most simply just unlatch so you can lift it off its hinges. Be careful not to disturb all or the remaining shattered glass.
  • Depending on whether it is the outside or inner glass that is broken, you may need to unscrew the inner shell from the main door frame. Lay the door down carefully and unscrew the panel. 
  • Then you should be able to access the broken glass from the oven door, if it can't be removed in one piece, use protective gloves to remove the stray shards from the door.
  • Now it's time to insert the new glass pane, make sure it is clean and smudge free and lay it in place.
  • Reattach the screws as they were before you removed them and reattach the fixed oven door back to the main oven
  • And there you have it! You should have successfully replaced your Zanussi shattered oven door! 

If you have any further questions about your Zanussi oven or any other query you think we may be able to help with, feel free to get in touch. Our friendly team of experts are always here to help so give us a call on, 02920 452 510.

Your oven can be a mystery, an appliance most of us use every day but when something goes wrong with it, it can be hard to know what has gone on. If your electric oven is not heating up then you may be at a loss at how to cook your home cooked meals! But there's no need to look for a brand new oven, it most cases it's probably one broken component of your oven that is causing problems. We often get asked how to fix an electric oven that's not heating up, so we've created this blog post to guide you through the most common reasons why this problem happens. 

What prevents an electric oven from heating up?

Faulty Oven Element

The oven element is the part of your oven that is responsible for heating up your oven cavity. When this becomes faulty your oven is pretty much useless, and unfortunately, this is quite a common issue. Luckily, we have a huge range of replacement oven elements that will have it fixed in no time. See our full range of replacement oven elements here

Broken Thermostat

If your oven thermostat isn't working your oven won't know how hot it is getting, which means it may not be reaching the temperature you need.  If your food is overheating or being undercooked it's important you change it as soon as possible. Find your replacement oven thermostat here


Damaged Door Seal or Hinge

Although you may not consider your door hinge or seal as being an important part of your oven, they actually keep invaluable heat in your oven as it cooks your food. If either become loose your oven may not reach the temperature you are setting it to. Luckily, we have a huge range of door hinges and oven door seals


We have a whole range of genuine and alternative replacement parts that will be able to get your cooker back up to working condition. Be sure that the part you order is compatible with your cooker by using our search filters and reading our product descriptions. Find all our replacements here.

If you have any questions about fixing your electric oven that isn't heating up, or about any of the products we offer feel free to get in touch. We are always happy to help and point you in the right direction, so don't hesitate to contact us today.