If you've found your electric oven's temperature fluctuating, this could be due to a number of reasons. Every oven is made up of a variety of different parts and if one element is not working, this could be the cause of your oven's temperature fluctuation. Find out which parts could be causing a problem below.

Reasons Your Electric Oven Temperature Fluctuates


My Electric Oven Temperature Fluctuates

1) Your oven thermostat is broken

A broken electric oven thermostat is most likely the cause of your electric oven's temperature fluctuation. Your oven thermostat is the oven part which regulates the temperature. If the thermostat is broken, it will no longer be able to keep the temperature at a stable level and will cause fluctuation. This most often leads to burnt food, but can also lead to undercooked (and potentially dangerous) food. 

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2) Your oven element is damaged

If you find that your oven is hot on one side and cooler on the other, this could be down to your oven element becoming damaged. Your oven element is responsible for providing heat within the oven cavity, so if part of it has become damaged it could mean that one area of your oven is cooler than the other parts. 

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3) The cooling fan is starting to break

If your electric oven cooling fan is broken, this could cause the temperature to fluctuate during cooking. The cooling fan works to help regulate the temperature within the oven and will stop it from getting too hot. If your cooling fan is broken or on it's way out, you may find that your electric oven's temperature fluctuates substantially. 

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4) Your electric oven door seal has come loose

You may not think it is a hugely important part of the oven, but the purpose of your oven door seal is to retain the oven heat. A loose oven door seal can cause your electric oven's temperature to fluctuate as it loses heat through the gaps. An oven door seal can easily be replaced, which should solve your oven temperature fluctuation problem! 

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If you find that none of these oven parts are broken, your oven temperature fluctuation could be due to a larger problem. We would recommend speaking to a professional and then get in touch with us as CookerSpareParts to find the right replacement part! 

electric oven parts

An electric oven has revolutionised the way we cook our food. It couldn't be more simple to cook an evenly cooked meal than by using an electric oven. However, even our beloved electric ovens can go wrong. Luckily, here at Cooker Spare Parts, we are prepared for any fault your electric oven may have!

If you are looking for replacement electric oven parts you've come to the right place. We supply genuine and alternative electric oven parts that will help you get your oven up and running again in no time. Keep reading to learn more about some of the parts we supply. 


Oven Elements

oven elements

The oven element is the part of your electric oven that makes it heat up. Without a working element, your cooker is pretty much useless! As a burnt out element can't be repaired you'll be wanting to find a replacement. Click here to see our full range of oven elements.




Electric Regulators and Thermostats

The beauty of an electric oven is being able to accurately choose the temperature you want your food to cook at. If your regulator or thermostat has become faulty your oven won't know when to stop heating up, resulting in burnt food! Get your replacement by clicking here

electrical fittings

Electrical Fittings

We know that sometimes things can go wrong with your electrical fittings, so we have plenty in stock to replace your busted part. Choose from our range of terminal blocks, fuses, plugs, and sockets. Click here to see all of the replacement electrical fittings we supply. 


If you need help selecting your electric oven parts, or you have any other questions about any of the products we supply don't hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team is always happy to help, so contact us today.  

Indesit oven door handle replacement oven door handle

Who knew how important an oven door handle could be? Well, seeing as you're here, potentially you do. A fully-functioning oven door handle isn't usually appreciated until it's gone, and if your Indesit oven door handle has become loose, faulty or just unusable you'll be missing the good old days where you opened and closed your oven without issue.

Even quality ovens, such as those created by Indesit can have faulty parts, but you don't need to replace your whole oven - we have plenty of genuine and alternative Indesit oven door handle replacements. To see our full range of replacement oven door replacements, click here. Or to see more about the Indesit oven door handle replacement we offer, keep reading. 


indesit oven door handle

Indesit Cooker Handle

This genuine Indesit oven handle is an authentic part for the Indesit KD6C8EW as well as a range of other Indesit cookers. A perfect replacement for your old or faulty handle, this high-quality part will allow you to open and close your oven again without issue! Its white finish will match the other oven components so that this replacement will fit seamlessly with your oven - you won't even know you had to replace it!


If you need any advice about our Indesit oven door handle replacement or any of the other cooker spare parts we supply, feel free to get in touch. Our helpful team is always more than happy to help with any query, so contact us today

gas oven not working

Gas oven not working? Don't worry - we have plenty of replacement parts that will fix the problem in no time.

Despite using your oven every day, it probably still feels like a complete mystery to you! When something goes wrong with your appliance it may seem daunting to try and work out what's going wrong - but it really doesn't need to be that difficult!  Below are some of the parts we supply and what they do, this should help you work out which part you need to replace if your gas oven is not working!


Oven Burner

If you want your food to get cooked, you need a working oven burner. To make sure a gas cooker can heat up your food, you need the lighter to ignite. This happens when you turn on your oven, as you are effectively lighting the burner. If your oven burner is faulty you'll be wanting to replace is as soon as possible, so to find a replacement, click here


Spark/Ignition Generator

If your oven relies on electric ignitions, a spark/ignition generator will light the gas that allows your oven to work. It will generate a spark that ignites the natural gas that fuels your oven. We have plenty of replacements for this if your gas oven isn't working! Click here to see this specific part. 


Flame Failure Device / Thermocouple

If your gas oven doesn't rely on an electric ignition, it will use a flame failure device/ thermocouple. This part creates a constant pilot flame. The natural gas will flow through the oven where the gas is then ignited by the pilot flame. If it has stopped working the gas can't ignite, and you can't cook your food, the true misery of your gas oven not working! Click here to replace it. 



In order for a gas oven to reach the temperature you select, a working thermostat needs to be in place. Without a working thermostat your food will be over or undercooked, so you should replace it quickly. To find the appropriate replacement part, click here


If your gas oven is not working and you would like our advice, feel free to get in touch. We can help you choose the right part and talk you through the replacement process. To see our full collection of replacement cooker parts click here, we sell the highest quality genuine and alternative replacement parts, so you are sure to get a part you can rely on. If you have any questions about a cooker not working, or about any f our products feel free to contact us today

If you have a convection oven, you'll likely know that the fan is a big component of this type of cooker. This is why today we will be looking at what to do if your convection oven fan is not working. 

Convection ovens have a fan and exhaust system which allows the hot air to be distributed around the food evenly and then back out through the vent system. This allows the food to cook quickly and evenly in a way regular ovens do not provide. They are especially good for baking! 

If you've found your convection oven fan is no longer working, you may be wondering what you can do. You don't want to replace your oven (as this can be costly) so a replacement convection oven fan should be your next step. Guaranteed to be a cheaper fix than buying a new oven. 

If you want to double check it is your convection oven fan that's not working, turn on your oven and wait for a little while. The convection oven fan will not start up right away and will only start whirling once the oven has reached the desired temperature. If the fan does not start whirling once the oven has heated up, it is likely your convection oven fan is broken. 

So, what can you do if your convection oven fan is broken? 

Luckily, each part of your cooker can be replaced, including the oven fan. Here at CookerSpareParts, we have a wide range of replacement convection oven fans which should fit any model. Replacing your convection oven fan with a newer model should fix your problem and will save you money in the process. Here's a look at just a few we have in stock. 

Circular Fan Oven Motor

Genuine Part. Suitable for Stoves, Indesit, Diplomat, New World, Ariston and Belling Convection Ovens. 

£28.99 inc VAT 


Replacement Oven Fan Motor

High quality replacement. Suitable for Belling, New World and Stove Convection Ovens.

£22.99 inc VAT

You can browse our full range of Oven Fans and Motors here to find the perfect replacement convection oven fan for you. 

We've also written a guide on how you can replace your oven fan without the need for a professional! 

We hope this has helped you solve your convection fan problem. If you need any help with choosing the right replacement part you can contact us or give us a call on 02920 452 510.