A common problem that our customers often come across is when their oven has stopped working but the grill still works. Left unfixed, it can cause damage to other parts of your oven which can get expensive!

So if you've discovered the rest of your cooker is working perfectly, but your main oven is no longer working as it should, we can help you find the solution!

Possible Causes

There are multiple problems that can cause your oven to stop working, however here is a list of common problems:

  • Clock or timer problems.
  • Faulty gas burner or oven element.
  • Oven thermostat
  • Broken fan oven motor.

Please note: we always suggest you use a qualified electrical or gas-safe registered engineer to diagnose and carry out the repair.

You'll Need

In order to find the correct replacement part, you'll need the following:

  • Model and serial number - this will be found on the data badge on the appliance.
  • Owner's manual (optional).

Once you have your appliance details, feel free to call our team on 02920 452 510, email us on enquiries@cookerspareparts.com, or use the search bar above with your model and serial number.

What to Do

With any cooker/oven faults, there isn't just one problem that could cause this issue. So before you call out a gas or electrical engineer to take a look, make sure to follow this checklist:

Plugged In

Not to point out the obvious, but just in case, make sure that your cooker is plugged in and switched on.

Clock or Timer

The most common reason why your oven is not working but your grill is, is actually because the clock or timer isn't set correctly. We know, an easy fix right?

This can happen if your oven loses power, because you've turned off the power source or as a result of a power cut. This often stops your oven from coming to life - it's worth resetting your clock and seeing if this fixes the problem before calling someone out to help.

Your oven manual will have a guide on how to reset the clock for your particular make and model of oven or cooker.

Gas Burner or Oven Element

If you are sure it's not your oven clock causing the problems, its likely that there's an oven component that has become defective. If your oven cavity won't heat up at all it is likely to be your electric oven element or gas burner, the part of your oven responsible for heating up your oven.

Oven Thermostat

It is also worth testing your gas or electric thermostat and power source to make sure there isn't any other reason that it isn't getting to the right heat. Oven thermostats are responsible for maintaining temperatures and can affect how well your appliance heats up.

Fan Oven Motor

Sometimes when your fan oven motor breaks down, you'll notice that the your oven is not getting hot enough. If you find that your appliance is no longer blowing air around the cavity, you may have a damaged motor.

Call an Engineer 

If you still can't seem to work out why your oven isn't working it may be worth calling a professional to have a look. If they discover that there is a faulty component causing the issue you can find hundreds of genuine and alternative cooker spare parts on our website.

Once you've got to the root of the problem, don't hesitate to give our team a call on 02920 452 510, email us on enquiries@cookerspareparts.com, or use the search bar above with your model and serial number details.