Oven Not Working But Grill Is?

When something goes wrong with your oven it can be incredibly frustrating, particularly if you have no idea why it isn't cooperating with you anymore. We often get asked what you should do if your oven is not working but your grill is, a problem that is fairly common that often has people stumped. If you find that every part of your cooker is working except your main cooker, we are here to help. We hope we can provide you with a solution in this blog post, so keep reading! 

What to do if your oven isn't working but your grill is: 

  • Not to point out the obvious, but just in case, make sure that your cooker is plugged in and switched on
  • The most common reason why your oven is not working then your grill is is actually because the clock or timer isn't set correctly. We know, an easy fix right? This can happen if your oven loses power, because you've turned off the power source or because of a power cut, etc. This often stops your oven from coming to life - it's worth resetting your clock and seeing if this fixes the problem before calling someone out to help. Your oven manual will have a guide on how to reset the clock for your particular make and model of oven, however, if you'd like to find out more about why this happens click the button below to see our guide on cooker timers and clocks: 

Cooker Timers And Clocks Installation Guide

  • If you are sure it's not your oven clock causing the problems, its likely that there's an oven component that has become faulty. If your oven cavity won't heat up at all it is likely to be your oven element, the part of your oven responsible for heating up your oven. It is also worth testing your thermostat and power source to make sure there isn't any other reason that it isn't getting to the right heat. To see our range of replacement oven elements click the button below:

Browse Our Range Of Oven Elements


  • If you still can't seem to work out why your oven isn't working it may be worth calling a professional to have a look, if they discover that there is a faulty component causing the issue you can find hundreds of genuine and alternative cooker spare parts on our website. Click here to see our extensive collection of repair parts. Be sure to make sure they are compatible with your oven by using the search filets and reading the product descriptions carefully. 


If you have any questions about what parts you may need or how to install them yourself, we are more than happy to help. For any cooker advice you may need feel free to get in touch!

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