oven clock not working

You might not notice how often you use the clock on your oven until it stops working. From a quick glance to check you're on time as you leave the house, to setting a timer while your Sunday dinner cooks to prevent under or overcooking, your oven clock plays an important role in your life.

If you do notice that your oven clock has stopped working, there are a few simple steps you can take to diagnose and fix the problem quickly and easily. 

Step One: Identifying the Problem 

Determining what is wrong with your oven is the first step to solving the problem. There are generally two scenarios when your oven clock stops working. Either:

  1. The oven clock and the oven itself has stopped working
  2. The oven clock has stopped working but the rest of the oven works fine

If you can identify whether the fault is localised to the oven clock or if it is a different, more complex cooker fault causing the clock not to work, then you will be in a better position to start repairing it. If you can't identify the problem yourself,  or if the entire oven has stopped working, we recommend speaking to a specialist to help you identify the problem. The manufacturers of your oven are specialists at dealing with faults and repairs of your oven, so try giving them a call first and foremost if you cannot identify the problem easily. 

Step 2: Resolving the Problem

If it is just the clock that has stopped working, you should first check that it doesn't just need to be reset. Find the manual for your cooker, or look one up online, and try to reset your oven clock.

If this doesn't fix the problem then it's likely that there is a physical fault with your oven clock, which means it's probably time to think about replacing or repairing it! That's where we come in. We stock an extensive range of different oven timers, clocks and programmers to get your oven clock working as it used to in no time at all. The best way to browse timers, clocks and programmers for your exact oven is to have the manufacturer details and model number ready. Simply enter these into the site to reveal a selection of replacement parts that perfectly match your oven. 

If you have any difficulties identifying the problem with your oven, or if you'd like help finding the right replacement clock timer or programmer for your oven, don't hesitate to contact a member of our team on 02920 452 510. If you're ready to get your oven clock on the mend, click the button below to browse replacement parts. 

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