Your oven can be a mystery, an appliance most of us use every day but when something goes wrong with it, it can be hard to know what has gone on. If your electric oven is not heating up then you may be at a loss at how to cook your home cooked meals! But there's no need to look for a brand new oven, it most cases it's probably one broken component of your oven that is causing problems. We often get asked how to fix an electric oven that's not heating up, so we've created this blog post to guide you through the most common reasons why this problem happens. 

What prevents an electric oven from heating up?

Faulty Oven Element

The oven element is the part of your oven that is responsible for heating up your oven cavity. When this becomes faulty your oven is pretty much useless, and unfortunately, this is quite a common issue. Luckily, we have a huge range of replacement oven elements that will have it fixed in no time. See our full range of replacement oven elements here

Broken Thermostat

If your oven thermostat isn't working your oven won't know how hot it is getting, which means it may not be reaching the temperature you need.  If your food is overheating or being undercooked it's important you change it as soon as possible. Find your replacement oven thermostat here


Damaged Door Seal or Hinge

Although you may not consider your door hinge or seal as being an important part of your oven, they actually keep invaluable heat in your oven as it cooks your food. If either become loose your oven may not reach the temperature you are setting it to. Luckily, we have a huge range of door hinges and oven door seals


We have a whole range of genuine and alternative replacement parts that will be able to get your cooker back up to working condition. Be sure that the part you order is compatible with your cooker by using our search filters and reading our product descriptions. Find all our replacements here.

If you have any questions about fixing your electric oven that isn't heating up, or about any of the products we offer feel free to get in touch. We are always happy to help and point you in the right direction, so don't hesitate to contact us today.