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Electrolux Oven Problems

These popular Electrolux ovens can be found in most households across the UK. If you're having Electrolux Oven Problems you've come to the right place. We are specialists in oven repairs and cooker spare parts, so today we will take a look at the things that could be causing problems in your Electrolux Oven. 

Electrolux Oven Will Not Heat Up

If you're having problems with your Electrolux oven heating up, we can solve this problem for you. Here are a few things that could be causing this issue. 

If your oven burner is broken, your Electrolux oven will not be able to produce any heat. Fortunately, you do not have to replace your oven - just the oven burner! Read our guide on how to do it here

A faulty oven door could be the cause of the Electrolux Oven problems. If the oven door is not closing properly, all of the heat could be escaping. You can get a new door seal for your Electrolux oven here.

Electrolux Oven Hob Problems 

  • Electrolux Oven Hob not heating up
If your Electrolux Oven Hob isn't heating up at all and the rings are not turning red, there could be a fundamental problem with the mechanisms inside your hob. This would require a new cooker ring. Luckily, we have a wide range available suitable for Electrolux Ovens. 
  • Electrolux Oven Hob not distributing heat evenly 
This Electrolux Oven problem does not necessarily need a new cooker ring, just a hob plate. If you find one side of your hob heats up better than the other, a hob plate will spread the heat more evenly for your food. 

Electrolux Oven Getting Too Hot

If your Electrolux Oven is getting too hot, this may mean that the thermostat is broken. The thermostat is the part of the oven which regulates the temperature, so if you find your food is getting burnt to a crisp, an issue with your thermostat is most likely the problem. We have spare Electrolux suited thermostats available for both Electric and Gas ovens here at Cooker Spare Parts. 

This was a brief look at some of the most common Electrolux Oven problems, but if you find you have any other issues feel free to contact us on 02920 452 510 or browse our full range of Electrolux Oven Spares.