universal cooker knobs

Is your oven looking a little tired and run down? If the answer is yes, replacing your old cooker knobs with universal cooker knobs can go a long way!

Now, it may be self-explanatory, but universal cooker knobs are universal and can fit any type of oven. That's why we have such a large selection of universal cooker knobs included in our range of replacement control knobs. Here at Cooker Spare Parts (we know how difficult it can be looking for the right spare part for your oven!); but once you've got your universal cooker knob, how exactly do you attach it to the oven? 
Follow our guide on how to replace your universal cooker knobs to find out!
Guide: How to Replace Cooker Knobs

Step One

  • Remove your old cooker knobs by pinching and pulling it away from the oven. Once there is a gap between the cooker knob and the oven, use something flat like a butter knife or spoon to pry the knob away from the oven. 

Step Two  

  • Universal cooker knobs come with a range of different spindle inserts. Simply select the spindle insert that fits onto your cooker and slot it onto the back of the universal cooker knob.

Step Three

  • From there, you should be able to easily re-attach your new cooker knob. Just slot it back into place and ta-da you have a functioning and good looking new universal cooker knob. 

We hope this guide has helped you spruce up your cooker! Browse our full range of cooker knobs from Cooker Spare Parts here.