universal oven handle

An oven door handle is not something that often requires a lot of thought, however, as soon as it becomes faulty suddenly you’re going to notice. It’s one of those “don’t know what you have until you lose it’ oven components, but there’s no need to worry – we have you covered.

Our Universal Oven Door Handle will fit all Creda, Indesist and Jackson cooker models. Over time your handle may have become loose, or you may have opened it with too much force which caused it to become unattached. Either way, this excellent oven door handle replacement will sort out your problems.

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If you need a replacement for any other model of cooker you can browse through our full range of replacement oven handles. All are excellent quality whether you need a genuine space part or a more affordable replacement.

For information on how to remove your faulty oven door handle and how to replace it with your universal door handle then you can read our blog post on this here.

For any further information on what replacement part will suit your cooker, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our expert team is here to help and can be reached by calling 02920 452 510