Is your oven constantly overheating? Before considering replacing your whole appliance, there are a few things that could be causing your oven to get too hot. Typical causes are a faulty thermostat, cooling fan, or oven element - if any of these are not fully functioning it may be the cause of your oven's overheating problem. 
This is a problem, as not only will your meals be overcooked, but there is also a risk of cooker's components becoming damaged, and causing them to become faulty.  Read on to learn more about how to resolve your overheating problem!

What could be causing my oven to overheat?

If your oven is overheating it is most likely to be caused by a faulty part. More often then not it'll be your thermostat, cooling fan or oven element that is causing the problem. Read our guide to figure out which one is causing you a problem and how to get a replacement part. 

Oven Thermostat

If your oven's temperature is higher than what you set it to, then it's likely that your thermostat has become faulty and requires replacing. Your oven's thermostat role is to measure your oven's temperature and once it has reached the temperature you've set it to it'll inform your cooker to stop heating up and to just remain at that temperature. If your oven thermostat is faulty, it won't be reading the temperature of your oven accurately, causing it to over or under heat -  but there's no need to panic, we have a superb selection of oven thermostats that will stop your oven from overheating and will ensure it is back to cooking at its best once again. To view our range of Oven Thermostats, please click here

Oven Cooling Fan 

Your cooling fan is another oven part that prevents your cooker from getting too hot. Here at Cooker Spare Parts, we have a comprehensive range of oven cooling fans for you to choose from - whichever cooker model you own, we're confident you'll be able to find a replacement for your cooling fan. To view our range of cooling fan's, please click here.

Oven Element

The final part that could be causing your oven to overheat is the your oven element. Your element is the part that is directly responsible for producing the heat that allows you to cook your meals. If your oven element is faulty, it may be producing more heat than is needed. If your element is showing signs of any faults, it's paramount that you replace it as soon as possible, as it is vitally important that it is working efficiently. We have a gigantic selection of oven elements - to view range of oven elements, please click here.
If you have any questions or you're experiencing any issues, please do not be afraid to contact us by calling 02920 452 510 or email - one of the cooker experts that make up our customer service team will be happy to help!