flame supervision device (also known as a flame failure device) is essential for any gas cooker. It helps to prevent wastage and, crucially, averts a lot of the hazards that flammable gas can cause.

Gas ovens, gas grills and gas hobs operate by burning a steady supply of gas - this produces the heat that cooks your food. But sometimes, the flame that burns the gas is unexpectedly extinguished (perhaps due to a draught, some spilt liquid, or a momentary interruption of the gas supply). What happens then?

Well, if you have a working flame supervision device or thermocouple, the gas supply will be shut off until you re-ignite the oven. However, if you FSD isn't functioning properly, the gas valve may remain open, in which case the flammable gas will continue to seep into your oven or, worse, your kitchen.

It isn't hard to see why this is an issue. If you want to avoid a dangerous build-up of flammable gas in your kitchen, you must ensure that your gas cooker is fitted with a working flame supervision device (a minimum safety requirement for most gas-burning appliances). If your cooker needs a new FSD, you can purchase one from Cooker Spare Parts - visit our Flame Failure/Thermocouples page below.

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