Oven Not Working But Grill Is?

When something goes wrong with your oven it can be incredibly frustrating, particularly if you have no idea why it isn't cooperating with you anymore. We often get asked what you should do if your oven is not working but your grill is, a problem that is fairly common that often has people stumped. If you find that every part of your cooker is working except your main cooker, we are here to help. We hope we can provide you with a solution in this blog post, so keep reading! 

What to do if your oven isn't working but your grill is: 

  • Not to point out the obvious, but just in case, make sure that your cooker is plugged in and switched on
  • The most common reason why your oven is not working then your grill is is actually because the clock or timer isn't set correctly. We know, an easy fix right? This can happen if your oven loses power, because you've turned off the power source or because of a power cut, etc. This often stops your oven from coming to life - it's worth resetting your clock and seeing if this fixes the problem before calling someone out to help. Your oven manual will have a guide on how to reset the clock for your particular make and model of oven, however, if you'd like to find out more about why this happens you can see this guide on cooker timers and clocks


  • If you are sure it's not your oven clock causing the problems, its likely that there's an oven component that has become faulty. If your oven cavity won't heat up at all it is likely to be your oven element, the part of your oven responsible for heating up your oven. To see our range of replacement oven elements you can click here. It is also worth testing your thermostat and power source to make sure there isn't any other reason that it isn't getting to the right heat.


  • If you still can't seem to work out why your oven isn't working it may be worth calling a professional to have a look, if they discover that there is a faulty component causing the issue you can find hundreds of genuine and alternative cooker spare parts on our website. Click here to see our extensive collection of repair parts. Be sure to make sure they are compatible with your oven by using the search filets and reading the product descriptions carefully. 


If you have any questions about what parts you may need or how to install them yourself, we are more than happy to help. For any cooker advice you may need feel free to contact us today


Hotpoint Oven Racks

There's no disputing that a Hotpoint oven is an excellent cooker, that's why so many of us have them in our homes, but it's important to make sure you keep an eye on whats going on inside it too! Hotpoint oven racks, like every other oven rack, can become damaged over time. They are constantly facing high temperatures and can become burnt, stained, tarnished and warped. 

If this has happened, or is beginning to happen to your Hotpoint oven rack, it's time to find a replacement. Luckily we have a huge range of replacement oven shelves that will help you in no time. To see our full range of Hotpoint oven racks click here, or keep reading for a look at some we have on offer.

Universal Adjustable Oven Rack

This adjustable shelf is compatible with a number of ovens which makes it a fantastic replacement rack. It can be adjusted between 350mm and 560mm so is suitable for a number of cavities. 


Wire Oven Shelf

Another high-quality replacement for your Hotpoint oven rack is this wire oven shelf. The rack is 403mm wide and 389mm deep, so it should fit comfortably in most Hotpoint ovens. 


Be sure to search for the model and manufacturer of your oven to make sure that it is compatible with any accessories you may buy to avoid disappointment. This search filter will make sure to direct you to specific oven shelves that match the width and depth of your oven. This means you can start cooking on a new and shiny Hotpoint oven rack in no time!


If you have any questions about any of our spare parts or any other cooker related cooker parts we are more than happy to help out. Feel free to get in touch and speak to a member of our team, contact us today for help. 


How to Test Your Oven Thermostat

Your thermostat is responsible for controlling the temperature of your oven. If you find that your food is over or undercooked after setting the temperature correctly there's a chance that your thermostat is faulty. That's right, maybe it isn't your cooking skills,  it's the thermostat. Then again, it might be you... so that's why we are here to explain how to test your oven thermostat

Use a multimeter

  • Unplug the oven from the wall - the last thing you want is to add electrocution to your problems.
  • Depending on your oven type, the thermostat could be located behind the back panel, beneath the backsplash, under the exhaust hood or below the control panel. The thermostat is a thin piece of metal usually attached to a coil of wire.
  • If you then remove the thermostat from the oven, you can use a multimeter to test it.
  • Make sure the multimeter is calibrated and then turn the dial to the lowest ohm rating.
  • Place the multimeter on the thermostat. If the thermostat has a reading of zero or as close to zero as possible, it is working fine. However, if it has no reading at all, your oven thermostat is faulty and will need replacing.

Use an oven thermometer 

Depending on the type of cooker you own, it may be possible for you to recalibrate your thermostat by measuring the actual temperature in your oven manually (using an oven thermometer) and adjusting the thermostat as needed. If the temperature you set your oven to does not match that of the thermometer, you know it is faulty. To get an oven thermometer, click here

What to do if my thermostat is broken 

So after testing our your thermostat you've found that it is broken, which means you'll be needing a replacement. Luckily we have plenty of replacement thermostats for all different makes and models of cookers. To see our full range of thermostats, click here. Be sure to check the product you pick is compatible with your oven by using the search filters and reading the product description carefully.

Once you receive your new part you'll be ready to replace your faulty thermostat. To find out how to do this yourself, follow this guide to replacing your oven thermostat.

If you have any further questions about how to test your oven thermostat or about any of our products, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team is always happy to help so contact us today.

How to Fix Your Oven Door

So you're wondering how to fix your oven door? It's a pain isn't it, one second you're attempting to cook a delicious home cooked meal (yes, that includes chips and fish fingers if the feeling so takes you), the next your oven door is playing up and preventing you from cooking - who knew it only took an oven door to keep a man or woman apart from their cooked fish fingers. Well, we are here to help against this injustice.

If you're having a problem with your oven door we've created this quick guide to help you fix it. So depending on what is actually wrong with your oven door, we hope we can help. Let's get into it: 

How to fix my oven's shattered glass:

Annoying and unsightly, shattered oven glass not only allows heat to escape, it can be dangerous too! If the shattered glass does smash then it can leave your kitchen covered with hundreds of glass shards all over the floor. Don't put off finding a replacement - we have plenty of replacements for your oven door glass so browse our collection here. To find out how to fix your oven door yourself and replace the glass you can find our full instructions here

How to fix my oven door's catch:

If your oven door isn't closing like it used to it can be incredibly frustrating. It may hang slightly off the hinge or fail to close which will allow heat to escape which once again keeps you away from your cooked food! Luckily, as with most cooker parts, we have some spares... to see our full range of oven door catch replacements click here. To see the full guide on how to replace your door's catch click here

How to fix my oven door handle:

Okay so this one isn't rocket science, but it is a problem none of us really expect to have. Unfortunately (and inevitably) closing your door with too much force or even just basic overuse can cause your oven door handle to become loose and faulty. We have a huge range of oven door handles so that you can fix this unexpected problem in no time! See our full range here

How to fix my oven door seal:

Another oven door afterthought, oven door seals coming loose often just seems like a bit of an inconvenience, but if your finding that your oven doesn't seem to stay warm and you cant work out why, it may actually be this pesky bit of rubber! It keeps heat from escaping from the edges of your oven door, so it'll be time to get a replacement. To find the right replacement for the job from our range, browse here.  


If you're still wondering how to fix your oven door or have any other questions about our products please feel free to get in touch. Our cooker experts are more than happy to help you whatever your query, so contact us today

My Hotpoint Heating Element is Not Working

Even the best cookers can have problems, Hotpoint is a company that is an expert in all things ovens and yet it's still not uncommon for a heating element to become a nuisance. A heating element is arguably the most important part of your cooker - No working heating element? No heat. Without heat, your oven is basically a glorified kitchen cupboard, and you can't get a warm home-cooked meal from a kitchen cupboard. 

Like a burnt out lightbulb, you can't repair a burnt out oven element, so if your Hotpoint heating element is not working, the best thing you can do is find a replacement. 

Luckily, here at CookerSpareParts we have a fantastic selection of Hotpoint oven elements that allow for you to get your oven heating up in no time. We stock genuine and alternative Hotpoint parts so whatever you're looking for, we have you covered. To see our full range of Hotpoint heating element replacements, click here


hotpoint heating element


Before ordering your Hotpoint heating element replacement, be sure that it is compatible with your oven model. To see if it is, make sure you have the oven model number handy. That way you can be sure that you are ordering the correct part and avoid any disappointment! 

Although it may seem tempting to pay for a professional to help you replace your Hotpoint heating element, in reality, it's quite easy to replace! We always want to help you have the option to fit spare parts yourself which is why we created a step by step guide on how to do this. Click the link below to see the full guide!


How to Replace Your Hotpoint Heating Element


If you have any further questions about why your Hotpoint heating element is not working or about any of the products we supply, feel free to get in touch. Our team of experts are happy to help from diagnosing the problem, picking a replacement and fitting it yourself so contact us today